UVAcrylic Museum

Museum Acrylic

Museum Optium Museum Acrylic is the finest anti-static, anti-reflective, and UV protection acrylic glazing on the market. The anti-reflective coating is engineered for demanding optical requirements, durability, and strength. This acrylic is ideal for pastels, charcoals, static sensitive pieces, and for framing over 40x60.

UV Clear Acrylic

Conservation Clear Acrylite acrylic sheet with OP-3 UV Filtering Technology protects works of art from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor UV light rays. Conservation Clear Acrylite with 98% UV protection helps protect art from fading by blocking harmful indoor and outdoor light rays, preserving art for years longer than regular acrylic.

UVAcrylic Clear

UVAcrylic ReflectionControl

UV Reflection Control Acrylic

Conservation Reflection Control with 99% UV Protection is chemically finished on one side, scattering light as it strikes the glass. This matte-like finish enhances the beauty of the artwork by protecting the piece from unwanted glare or distortion. This glass can be used with up to two mats away from artwork without significant resolution loss.

Clear Acrylic

Premium Clear Acrylite acrylic sheet is a general-purpose glazing for indoor, non-conservation framing that needs a lightweight, clear but reflective solution.

Acrylic Clear

Acrylic Clear

Non-glare Acrylic

Reflection Control Acrylite acrylic sheet is designed to minimize reflection and show the art from almost any angle. This acrylic is appropriate for non-conservation framing that would benefit from a lightweight, non-glare glazing.