Framing Installation Attorney Certificates

Install Canvas & Framed Art

Our staff is experienced in professionally hanging artwork so that it is at the right height, has the right hangers for the weight of the artwork, and is spaced correctly with surrounding artwork. We make installations a work of art itself. We can personally install art safely within a 100 mile or so radius of our store located in Central Austin. The cost for this service is dependent on the distance, number of pieces to hang, composition of the wall (brick, stone, drywall, etc), and height to hang.

We will do it as efficiently as possible while focusing on the end result quality appearance. We can accommodate your business hours and if necessary work outside of your normal business hours to avoid any disruption to your day. For residential installs, again we can accommodate your hours and perform the install either during the day or in the early evening.

Install Hanging Systems

For commercial environments where there is a need to replace art on the wall periodically, you can benefit from art hanging systems. These systems enable you to remove and hang new art without any tools and no new holes in the wall. The art hangs on adjustable height, moveable, and sturdy wall hangers. We are able to purchase and install these hanging systems in a professional manner that will last practically forever. You are able to upgrade your system with additional hanging wire and hangers. You can even use security hangers if that is needed. It takes just seconds to remove your artwork and replace it with another one.