Jersey with White Background

Display your favorite jersey with your choice of moulding, art, and glazing. Use a contrasting and complementary background mat for extra "pop" in the jersey. For single mat jersey framing the outside dimensions are generally around 32" x 38". We stretch the jersey so as to show numbers or emblems on the sleeves and to clearly show any signatures.

Jersey with Black Background

Use a black frame and black background to make your jersey appear to float.


Jersey with Black Background and 2 Top Mats

To highlight a jersey even more, use three mats - a black top mat, a mat underneath the top mat mat that highlights a color of the jersey, and a black mat underneath the jersey. The top two mats are raised from the underneath mat by about 1/4" to add depth and give some extra space for the jersey to rest. For regular size football baseball and football jerseys the outside dimensions are generally around 35" x 41"

Jersey with Photos

Include photos and additional memorabilia to enhance your framed jersey and enrich your memories.

Sports Print


Add punch to any sports print with team colored mats. Textured wood tone mouldings work well for sports prints in addition to basic black.


Present those season tickets in a special way. Engraved plates highlight each ticket with the game score. Choose a moulding, mat, and glass to suit your tastes. Include a special photo or magazine cover as the center of focus.


Guns, Stamps, and Cards

Guns, stamps, and cards are just a few examples of collections that can be framed.


Preserve your award ribbons and photographs using a contrasting mat and simple frame that finishes off and enhances the awards. In the example shown there are plates under each ribbon to add the detail of the race and time. The plate under the photograph adds information to identify the event.



A signed ball and photo presents an opportunity for creative framing. By choosing the mat colors and frame, you are able to create a unique piece for yourself or as a gift.