Design for Homes

Home Wall Decor

Every wall of every room is an opportunity for displaying inspiring works of art. The art may be fun such as a photo collage of family photos or one of your child's first works of art. On the other hand, the art may be a beautiful landscape with rich colors that add serenity to a room. Family portraits on canvas is a simple way to capture fond memories. The right choice of art and framing is like the right piece of furniture to complement your lifestyle. Austin Art & Frame can help with the design of your home wall decor. We can help you achieve the style and look that you envision.

Office Environments

Whether it is an office, board room, lobby, conference room, or set of meeting rooms, the proper wall decor will make the space more pleasant to work. We will meet with you to determine your goals and vision for the space. Then we will make use of our large selection of original, limited edition, and open edition art to provide you with choices that work well together in your environment. We can then complete all of the steps necessary to implement the solution including purchases, art creation, framing, and installation.

Design for Offices