Float Frames

Float frames are a contemporary way of framing stretched canvases. They sit underneath and around your stretched canvas and include a 1/4" or so gap around the canvas. Visually the gap creates a shadow area that makes the canvas appear as if it is floating within the frame. Float frames come in black, white, gold, silver, and wood tones. Some are thin (3/8") and some are thicker (1") around the canvas. The come in a range in depths to handle stretched canvases that are 1/2" to 2" in depth. With a float frame around stretched canvases, glass isn't used, but rather the canvas itself is directly visible. Float frames typically are medium in weight since there isn't any glass.

Museum Wrap
Traditional Frame

Traditional/Transitional Frames

Traditional/transitional frames are also appropriate for some stretched canvases. These type of frames will fit snug to the sides of the canvas and cover the outside edge about 1/8 - 1/4". Visually the frame is touching the canvas unlike the float frame described above. Traditional/transitional frames come in black, white, gold, silver, and wood tones. Some are thin (1") and some are much thicker (3-4") around the canvas. Some are deep to accommodate the 2" stretched canvases and others are less deep to accommodate the 1/2" to 7/8" deep stretched canvases. There are more frames available that are traditional/transitional than there are float frame choices so with this type of frame you will have more selection. With stretched canvases, glass isn't used, but rather the canvas itself is directly visible. The weight of traditional/transitional frames is dependent on the width and depth of the frame so they vary from medium to heavier in weight.

Readymade Frames

We regularly have on inventory many sizes of Readymade Frames. These are frames that we make with any extra moulding we have left over from frames we have made. This moulding is of excellent quality, but because it has a specific size and is already made, we are able to offer these at reduced prices. The majority of these frames range in size from 5x7 to 11x14, but we also have some that are larger such as 16x20, 16x24, and 18x24. This can be an economical way of getting your giclees framed. For canvas and metal giclees you will want the size to match that of your printed art, but for giclees on art or luster paper, you can purchase a readymade at the same time as adding one or two mats that fill out the space between your art and the frame. So for example, you could print your art as a 5x7 and then add a 1.5" mat all around (3" total beyound the art) and frame it with a 8x10 Readymade Frame. For canvas or metal giclees, glass isn't needed, but for giclees on art and luster paper, glass is needed to conserve your giclee over many generations.

Readymade Frames
Double Moulding

Double Moulding Frames

Stack two or more frames together to create a unique look. The one shown here has a black outside frame with silver inside frame stacked together. It's a great alternative to linen liners or mats for canvas art and photography.

Shadowbox Frames

Shadowboxes come in a variety of colors and depths. They are effective for framing memorabilia and objects of art such as shells, keys, shoes, tickets, guns, dishware, masks, sportballs, and jerseys.

Shadowbox Possibility
Liner Possibility

Frames with Liners

A linen liner adds contrast, texture, and delineation between the art and frame. It is particularly effective on original, limited edition, or portrait canvas art. Liners are usually considered traditional, however pairing a modern frame with a liner can achieve a clean, contemporary look. Liners come in a variety of profiles, widths, and fabrics.

Frames with Fillets

Fillets are narrow, accent mouldings that can be used inside frames and mats to enhance a work of art. Fillets can be used in a variety of ways. They can highlight or to add punch and a three dimensional quality to the art. By choosing the style, color, and width of fillets, you are able to customize and upgrade your art, and the result is fabulous!

Fillet Possibility
Readymade Frames

Frames with Matting

Matting a giclee printed on art or luster paper can help give your artwork some "breathing room". Mats can also add some complementary or neutral color around the artwork to help further separate it from it's surroundings. There are many choices of mats including composition (cotton, linen, or suede), thickness (4-ply or 8-ply), conservation (cotton rag or cellulose), reflectivity (shiny or mat), and color (full range from digital white to deep black to a wide range of colors). Mats can be beveled so about 1/16" of the underlying mat color is revealed, or unbeveled.

Frame Glazing with Glass or Acrylic

Glazing in the framing process is the material that protects the artwork from dirt and UV light. Glass is the most popular material and comes both regular and conservation. Conservation glass blocks 99% of harmful UV light. Regular glass only blocks about 40% of UV light. If artwork is left unprotected from UV light over a period of time, he artwork is likely to fade in color. For artwork left in direct sunlight with strong UV light, fading can occur within just a few months or years. Even florescent light includes UV rays so that artwork without direct exposure to any natural light, but exposure to florescent light can fade over a period of time. Glass can be reflective or mostly glare free. The best glass is "Museum Glass" which blocks 99% UV light and is mostly glare free. Most conservation glass isn't available for large prints (over 48"x66"). In these cases, acrylic can be used for the glazing. Acrylic is about 1/2 the weight of glass and comes regular, conservation, reflective, and glare free - just like glass. Acrylic is currently more expensive than glass. It is less breakable than glass, but more easilty scratches.

Hexagon Frames

Hexagon Frames

Instead of rectangular frames, for certain art or memorabilia, other shaped frames can be used. In this example the center logo patch influenced the overall shape to be a hexagon.

Shaped Antique Mirror Frames

An antique finish shaped mirror, in this example the shape of an irregular octagon, can be stunning for any home or office.

Acrylic Frames

Acrylic Frames

For a unique clear or translucent frame, custom-sized, all acrylic frames can be ordered. Besides the width and height, here are extensive choices to personalize the frame: depth, border color, lip color, pattern, translucency, and corner shape. In particular there are a large variety of color choices to transform any artwork into a treasured memory.

Finished Corner Frames

Finished corner frames have the raw moulding joined first followed by the ornaments and finish. Many of the finest frames are done this way so that it is possible to have corner ornaments distinct from the rest of the frame. The finished corner frames range from simple to very decorative ornamention.

Finished Corner